Spin your time, time tracking in real time.

TimeSpin makes time tracking so easy and smooth that it can even be done in real time. Know exactly where time is going, increase your billing rate and ensure your projects are profitable.

Amazingly easy to use

Efficient project managing

Easily connect your tools

Smarter in time

Why tracking in real time?

Estimate your time
People only remember 23% of their doings after less than a week. Harvard Business Review estimated the hidden costs of lost time for US alone at USD 7,400,000,000 per year. This means that time recorded retrospectively is worthless.
Manage your time
Switching to daily time tracking increases accuracy by up to 31%. People spend an average of 2.6 hours a day just reading and replying to emails. This time is often not billed because it is too expensive to record it. TimeSpin makes tracking your time amazingly easy.
Boost your invoicing time
Studies suggest that accurate time tracking can yield up to USD 49,000 per employee per year in potentially billable time. Discover where your time goes.

Everything you need!

TimeSpin has everything you need to accurately track your time across projects.

Spin your time everywhere

Amazingly easy to use. Just use your TimeSpin cube intuitively and track your activities wherever you are.

Simply sync your time entries cable-free via bluetooth. The hassle-free app will give you an overview and allow you to manage your time entries.

Available on all major platforms:






Increase accuracy and acceptance.

Hardware that makes it easy for you and your team to actually track time in real time.

Manage everything in one place.

All data of you and your team are synchronized online. Manage your projects easily in the cloud. Create reports effortlessly and export them to Excel or PDF.

Work together as a team

Use TimeSpin for your team. All team members may track their times. Practical overviews help you manage your team and display available times.

The reporting system delivers insights on how much time you actually spend on your projects. Simplifying your billing, it enables transparent reporting to your customers and ensures that your projects are always profitable.

What others say about us

“One of the best solutions we tested: quick to integrate into the workflow and intuitive to understand.”

Marcel V.
Managing Partner, Financial Accounting,
60 employees

“I thought I knew how much time I spend on my various projects.
How wrong I was. TimeSpin helped me find out how much time I really invest in my projects”

Tobis S.
CEO, Software
50 employees

“It offers fast time
tracking, even of
small daily to-dos,
which enables easy
billing with customers
through easy
integration into our
docketing software.”

Christoph V.
Trademark Attorney,
>100 employees

“It has become an
indispensable tool. I
recommend it to
anyone. Would
definitely buy it again!”

Lisa D.
PaFa, Attorney at Law,
>50 employees